The Foundation at COP28 - 2023

The Foundation Programme

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Live Dialogues and Presentations from the Al-Attiyah Foundation Pavilion at COP28

Al-Attiyah Foundation Schedule

Date: 30-11-2023 - 13-12-2023

After a year of extreme weather around the world, including the hottest 12 months ever recorded, world leaders, scientists, activists, and others will convene at the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

COP28 comes at a critical juncture. Nations have been submitting their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) over the past five years, and the subsequent assessment of the results, or ‘Global Stock Take,’ will be scrutinised during the conference.

The Al-Attiyah Foundation pavilion at COP28 will serve as a hub for critical knowledge sharing and networking as the world plots and plans the next few years of global action to slash the greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change.

Visitors to the pavilion will have the opportunity to learn more about the Foundation’s work and participate in eight dialogue sessions. These sessions will focus on net-zero targets, pathways to a world powered by sustainable resources, General Electric’s energy transition commitments, carbon markets, hydrogen production, green finance, natural gas’s role in the transition, and water in the Middle East. For further details on each dialogue session, please refer to the following pages.

No. Date Day Themes
01 30/11/2023 Thursday OPENING DAY
02 01/12/2023 Friday 10:00 - Energy Scenarios for a Net-Zero World Dialogue
14:00 - Presentation
03 02/12/2023 Saturday 10:00 - Net-Zero Targets and the Energy Transition Dialogue
14:00 - Presentation
04 03/12/2023 Sunday 10:00 - Voluntary Carbon Markets Dialogue
14:00 - Presentation
05 04/12/2023 Monday 10:00 - Hydrogen Delivery Dialogue
14:00 - Presentation
06 05/12/2023 Tuesday 10:00 - Energy Transition - Connecting Discussion in GCC and Asia Dialogue
14:00 - Presentation
07 06/12/2023 Wednesday Pavilion Open
08 07/12/2023 Thursday Rest Day
09 08/12/2023 Friday 10:00 - QFZ – Green Finance Dialogue
14:00 - Presentation
10 09/12/2023 Saturday 10:00 - Natural Gas in Energy Scenarios Dialogue
14:00 - Presentation
11 10/12/2023 Sunday 10:00 - The Nexus of Climate Change and Water Security Dialogue
14:00 - Presentation
12 11/12/2023 Monday Pavilion Open
13 12/12/2023 Tuesday Pavilion Open